We turn our clients’ dreams into places where they live.

A team of builders


Obsessed with details


Dedicated to the craft

Building someone’s dream home requires understanding, ingenuity, attention to detail, and patience. Our clients trust us with their dreams — and we don’t take that lightly. In most cases, the things we are creating have already existed in our client’s minds for many years. Success means executing every little detail as well as (or better than) they envisioned.


We hold a set of beliefs that we don’t compromise. Our values don’t make us “better than” others, and they aren’t things we “aspire to.” They simply describe who we are and how we go about business.

Our story

I grew up around construction and was lucky to learn the importance of craft early in my career. Today, I infuse pride and close attention to detail into every project I touch. I started Howell & Co. as a loose, informal association of similarly-minded craftsmen I work with and rely on to do things correctly.